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Neo's Stereo~

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:cd: Sleepwalking Instrumental Remix :cd:

:cd: Monster - Imagine Dragons :cd:


[YCH] Neoinu by xKoday


.:::bulletblue: SETTING :bulletblue:::.
Canine Rangers is my personal webcomic following Zack and the team of Rangers, in a post apocalyptic world, where the human race has thinned out almost to extinction. Dogs have inherited the Earth and continued on where humans left off. Canines have become sentient beings with intellect equal to humans and have adopted most of human culture as their own.

.:::bulletblue: ARKIN :bulletblue:::.

Redwing's Rangers are an elite special forces team of military units in the organisation, Arkin. Arkin is commissioned by the government as the peacekeepers/police for the sentient canines. They specialise in two wings, medical and peacekeeping (The military).

.:::bulletblue: INTRODUCTION PLOT :bulletblue:::.

Zack is a young canine that recently signed on with Arkin, after waking up from a near death experience that left him with no memories. Using his fresh slate he chooses to find his destiny in Arkin, where he soon meets his best friend, Ryuk. Ryuk aspires to be a Ranger and Zack is more than willing to accompany him in reaching his dream. During one patrol night that was supposed to be the graveyard shift, complications arise that ordinary soldiers aren't trained for.

ACID FILES :bulletblue: COMIC :bulletblue: SUBMIT YOUR OC :bulletblue: WEBSITE

Links coming soon
ready for action by SkySilky

My like box

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Commish: Neoinu by ecokitty

(aka the "i'd-totally-bang" box hurr)

Who's very special and are helping each other with comics! <3


Special dudes whom I adore! ;u; <333
(in no order)

My Personally Inspirational Artists:



Some things I like:

Young Justice Stamp 2 by neomon Jak Guys Stamp by KenxKao Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by Iklow FFVIICC Zack by madcoffee Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Axel-DontRemember-stamp by ZeroIQ5 off-white stamp by vesner Quite The Little Actor by azianwolfdoll Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud Toothless Stamp by poptsot Vincent Stare Stamp by Alaenakins I Luv Ignitus - stamp by High-Horizon Draco by iStalkCookies Disney 101 Escaping Puppies Stamp by TwilightProwler I LOVE ZOIDBERG stamp by Destruktive Ouran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108 Dramatic Cat stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Skye-stamp by SkipSkid Turret Love Stamp by Airenu-ish Classic Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro batman nerd. by ryvir DC Love Stamp by Spark-plug Fallout 3 Stamp - 1 by sequelle Dead Island Stamp by QuanticChaos1000 MARVEL The Avengers + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler storm hawks stamp by stormhawksfc Scout Stamp by AzureReilight Steam Stamp by Jokester7625 Spyro and Cynder Stamp by GlowingSpirit The Last Of Us by HeOmaism Last of us stamp by giinga Generator Rex Stamp by Comsical {Slug Terra Stamp} by Hide-N-Seek-Kyoto PC Gamer by aphaits Valve Fangirl Stamp by Rhosaucey Lord of the rings stamp by vero-g6-stamps Vulpes Inculta Stamp by dr-glitzkrieg Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan Kairo Stamp by Noxivaga Sided with Cesaer's Legion by ZhouTaisDayOff Rook Blonko Stamp by Midknight-Hikari Skyrim by skinnyveestamp Ben10 Stamp by loup-wski Arrow Stamp by TwilightProwler Robin Stamp Black by ice-fire Percy Jackson Stamp by Pataphyx Grand Theft Auto IV by bydy BATMAN ARKHAM CITY STAMP by abramoxd Ultimate Spider-Man Stamp by KimoForce Deadpool Stamp by aniphx i love superheroes stamp by Roux-m Nightwing stamp by pantheon9000 DC The Dark Knight Rises Stamp by TwilightProwler Gladiator Stamp by Heineken79 300 stamp by purgatori Age of Mythology Stamp by Ilona-the-Sinister Be one with Yuri - Stamp by kjthemighty MARVEL Captain America Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Jefferson Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwler STAMP: I support Jenna by Nekoshiba MARVEL Stamp by TwilightProwler Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Walking Dead Stamp II by Krisderp Mad Max by zsoca-san Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Storm Hawks logo Stamp by R-Spanner Fallout New Vegas stamp by 5-3-10-4 Fallout 4 Stamp by She-Kaiju Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Mad Max: Fury Road Stamp by LoudNoises Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza Panic! at the Disco Stamp by Flynnux MS Ghost Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp: Imagine Dragons by Araktugage


Character Directory


Silentflight by neoinuACID FILE: ZACK (CANINE RANGERS) by neoinuVulpis [Dragon Booster RP] by neoinuFortus [Dragon Booster RP] by neoinu[Chrome Raiders] Duke by neoinu

You may draw this characters (no need to ask!) I'll absolutely love it if you do ;D Drop me a note if you wanna RP with any of these characters ;v;


About Neoinu~

:damphyr: Real Name: Jennifer (Jenny) Webster
:damphyr: Alias: Please call me Neo or Robin c:
:damphyr: Age: 19
:damphyr: Birthday: 12th August 1996
:damphyr: Religion: Probably atheist?
:damphyr: Relationship: in a two way relationship with fictional characters
:damphyr: Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, asexual Alexsexual ofc
:damphyr: Favourite Milkshake: Vanilla Sebastian Stan
:damphyr: Wizard Mentor: Natmcsplat the White
:damphyr: Homeland: North of London Englaf
:damphyr: Profession: Uni Student
:damphyr: Personality: Ditzy, jokey, positive, quirky, nervous, shy
:damphyr: Fursona: Robin
Aw gosh, I have quite bad anxiety that stops me from responding a lot, please have patience with me ;^;
I love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinOnline friends stamp by SuyyShy Stamp by Neko-MusumeThank You... by jennyleighForget Stamp by MaiyunRandom Acts Of Kindness Button by falakalakEquality Is For Everyone by chibi-angelSAY NO TO RACISM by Numizmat:Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo


<table align="center" class="f"><tr><td class="f grf-mirror" style="width:386px;font-size:9pt">
Ilyah by NatMcSplat

Commissions: Closed (repricing everything into dollars)
Requests: If you've made me a gift before, feel free to ask, can't promise anything though
Collabs: Ask me
Trades: Ask me
If you offer a trade and I accept, then I will start my half after I have seen yours. (That way I'm not giving away free art for people who don't fulfil their promised half xD) If I offer the trade however, I'll do my half first.

:bulletblack: = Trade
:bulletblue: = Commission
:bulletred: = Gift
:bulletyellow: = Collab
:bulletpink: = Personal Art
:star: = Paid

To-Do List of potent Doom:

Oh gosh I never update this thing anyway, why do I bother having it?

Waiting for:

:bulletblack: TheShadowedGrim

- The Potato King


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